Tetraforce Set

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The set contains: Toner, Cream, Cleanser, Wash off mask. (Tetraforce Line)

Elishacoy Tetraforce Toner – 200 ml
Exfoliates dead cells, shrinks pores and removes excess sebum.

Elishacoy Tetraforce Cream – 50 gr
Moisturizing effect due to the 3 types of hyaluronic acid, namely: high molecular weight HA, which forms a moisturizing layer; medium molecular weight HA, which blocks moisture loss; low molecular weight HA, which penetrates deep into the skin. Panthenol and allantoin extracts soothe and regenerate the skin.

Elishacoy Tetraforce Cleanser – 150 ml
It contains amino acids derived from plants that have a strong antioxidant effect, revitalizes and refreshes the skin.

Elishacoy  Tetraforce Wash-Off Mask – 100 gr
White clay removes excess sebum, unclogs and shrinks pores. It has antimicrobial, astringent and regenerating properties due to plant extracts.




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