Skin Refining Snail 5 kinds Special Set(Cleanser/Lotion/Eye cream/Cream/Essence)

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The set contains: Cleanser, Lotion, Eye cream, Cream, Essence-(Snail Line)

Elishacoy Skin Refining Snail Skin Lotion – 200ml
All-in-one lotion maintaining skin texture smooth and moisturized

Elishacoy Skin Refining Snail Essence – 40ml
Highly moisturizing essence makes dry and rough skin healthier

Elishacoy-Skin.Refining Snail Crem – 50g
Firming cream providing rich nourishment to dry and cracked skin.

Elishacoy Skin Refining Snail Eye Balm – 15g
An anti-aging eye balm to strengthen the dull, delicate area around eyes.

Elishacoy Skin RefiningSnall Cleanser – 120g
Hydrating cleanser w~h thick foam produces moisturized skin


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